"Turn your God light on, keep it on blast, honor yourself, surrender your past, get grateful and pray then wait." -Amatielle Sativa on 'Huneshune' from Elien

Welcome to home of Amatielle Sativa's music, novels, &  merchandise. 

     Though she cringes at being called a diva (cue punchline snare) she is a very special one of a kind Creative Arts Advocate, Singer songwriter, Producer & Author, and an understated breath of fresh air passionately dedicated to her creative endeavors. Amatielle is respectful of her musical origins and enthusiastically brings you all she can just for coming along for the ride.

  The musical expression of Amatielle Sativa is sensuous, danceable, soulful, smoothe, & stylishly limitless; Not to mention her enormous sense of humor.

  Born in the Bay area she originally hails from Southern Cali and AZ by way of the BX, NY and gracefully represents her Atlanta home.

Born Jubilee Silva, adopted Jubilee Hall she has been lovingly nick named what she says is 'A whole buncha thangs' this fresh, beautiful, witty, humble, black American, Cape Verdean and Jewish female Hip hop Soul singer reminds us why Black lives Matter including hers with songs like Huneshune, celebrating the royalty in us all, and Wakanda Medicine; A special tribute in concept to the late Chadwick Boseman & those who have suffered losing loved ones dear to the though be-it non viral fatal illness of cancer. Having lost both grandmothers to stage four Mesothelioma, and breast cancer this amazing young artist is a friend of the American Cancer Society as she is a grateful (Pink panther) survivor who celebrates the spirit of God being ALL UP in Hip Hop she humble flexes a passionate gratitude driven soulfulness with a deep respect for herself and her fellow artists, inspirations, way makers, creatives & fans whom she bashfully and affectionately coined the 'Ama click'.

Amatielle's first release in 2008 was an album titled 'Riding in carz with boys' inspired by the 2001 Penny Marshall film featuring Drew Barrymore & Rosie Perez. From that album you can find her somewhat avant guarde music video for her hit single Parade on (🕵 Amatielle)   

  This star's 2019 release is a full album titled, "Elien" and now available to stream and download from all digital platforms for your immediate listening pleasure.                  Next up in her pipeline is her 2020 quarantine release of studio tracks titled Over one Billion streamed, a comprehensive 10 track l.p. of authentic hip hop beats. Her awesome 2021 release  'Happy Flowers' is an EP set to debut 2/14 featuring tracks by heavy hitters she fan favs, Madlib, J Grooves & Timbaland as well as BKS! 

 You may catch sneak previews from each of her projects including the ocassional surprise bonus track and unreleased songs by SUBSCRIBING to where your viewership & support are deeply appreciated. Her biggest collaboration at present is one with Future Hendrix & Metro Boomin inked to raise funds for Future's Free Wishes foundation & to raise funds for Atlanta & surrounding area's students, senior citizens and Essential workers across industries.  Subscribing to Amatielle Sativa on all social media platforms, is a call to action for powerful positive change in the world as well as a listening experience for your ear buds to savor. Stay tuned there's never a dull moment with this purpose driven fiery natured soul sista & diva on the rise.